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The attorneys at Raggio & Dinnin have combined their diverse technical backgrounds with even more diverse practical experience. Our attorneys are trained in a wide variety of engineering and scientific disciplines, and have prepared and prosecuted patent applications in all of the industrial arts, including chemical engineering and advanced chemistry, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. Applications have been prepared for nearly every aspect of automotive engineering, including the newest high-tech transmissions; for complex machinery such as industrial assembly systems; for refrigeration systems; for jet engines and components; for a variety of electronic innovations including various control networks; for computer software and hardware; and for other inventions ranging as widely as a game board for a musical board game and a modular cabinet system for a home entertainment center/bar. In addition, the firm is increasingly called upon to prepare provisional patent applications in diverse technical fields. Once filed, a provisional application preserves the inventor’s priority rights for one year, at which time the provisional application can be converted to a traditional utility patent application, claiming the benefit of the provisional application’s filing date.

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