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Client Conflicts

Raggio & Dinnin is extremely careful to avoid conflicts of interest. Because technology is our business, and the lifeblood of our clients, we have pledged to represent only a single client in a specific technology. There is therefore no possibility of even unintentional use of knowledge of one client’s confidential technology to benefit a different client. This pledge allows our firm to zealously prosecute patents, and vigorously enforce them. While many firms try to work around or “shield” conflicts, we prefer to avoid conflicts from the start of representation rather than risk harm to any client in the future. Larger firms often find they cannot fully represent their smaller corporate clients because of conflicts with larger clients. For example, in the “Motor City” nearly every large law firm represents at least one automobile manufacturer. Their allegiance to the large automakers renders it impossible for those firms to oppose such clients in disputes on behalf of automotive suppliers. Raggio & Dinnin has specifically chosen not to represent any automobile manufacturer so it can best represent its core clients, automotive suppliers from all Tiers of the industry. Such is the dedication required to develop the type of client relationship that is the hallmark of Raggio & Dinnin.